“Jana is a graceful calm teacher, she invites the group to her work with gentle encouragement. A clear space for all levels to feel part of the dance.“
Emily H., participant of Wisdom of the Dancing Body 2015

Next Workshops

Workshops on the Road

From November 2016 Jana is working and living on the road through all Europe. Contact jana@movementtouch.com to arrange a workshop in your location.

Contact Festival Freiburg 2017

Jana taught “Exploring the Central Axis” at the International Contact Festival Freiburg, 10th – 16th August 2017.

Wisdom of the Dancing Body

A creative movement workshop for participants of all levels of experience

Come and move happily and healthily!
Improve your alignment and relax excess tension.
Become more conscious of your body and understand its structure.
Learn the principles of functional use of energy.
Discover your potential for the full enjoyment of movement.

Class starts with creative warm up followed by exercises on the floor exploring the structures of body and developmental movement patterns. It leads to dancing through the space to experience the functional use of our kinesthetic energy. Typically, each class also includes bodywork with a partner and creative tasks to discover the possibilities of your free expression in movement and dance within a group.

The content of the workshops is a blend of knowledge from the body-mind techniques such as Release Technique, Body Mind Centering, Experiential Anatomy, New Dance and improvisation. It is also informed by Shiatsu practice and holistic understanding of the body.

Pictures from Recent Wisdom of the Dancing Body

Exploring Internal and External Landscape

A creative movement and conscious dance workshop in nature.

We experience relationship between surrounding landscape and our internal landscape – our body.
We explore shapes, textures, colours, feelings and movements of the surrounding nature and we will transform it into movement expressions.
We observe nature to understand better our own movement.
We enjoy the meeting of the external landscape with our internal landscape in our dance.

I am looking forward to walk, dance & move with you in the fresh air 🙂

Pictures from Recent Exploring Internal and External Landscape

Contact Improvisation

Workshops focused on different aspects of Contact improvisation for all levels of experience 

The Contact Improvisation is the form of movement somewhere between art and sport that takes touch with another dancer as a starting point for playful movement exploration. It has roots in postmodern dance as well as principles from eastern systems and martial arts such as Aikido and from somatic practices (e.g. Body Mind Centering).

In contact improvisation you can experience calming “meditation in movement” as well as finding yourself in “acrobatic” situations. Let´s move in contact, play with the sensitive use of the body, fly in the air, roll on the floor, spiral, slide or jump, support each other and have a great time together.

Dance for Children

Workshops of dance and creative movement for children and schools

Jana facilitates programs for primary schools to allow children to explore creative movement and dance.

Recently, she delivered a programme “School Dances” within the festival KoresponDance organised by SE.S.TA. – center of choreographic development. She led children to learn and practice mathematics (specifically fractions) by means of dance in the beautiful environment of the castle in Žďár nad Sázavou in the Czech Republic.

Pictures from School Dances, Czech Republic, June 2016

Memory of the Body

Workshop of healthy creative movement for older ages

“Our body is the ark of knowledge, memories and experiences. Let’s allow the body to tell it”.

In the workshops, you will release and sensitively mobilise your body and discover its creative potential.
To achieve a healthy movement we will explore the functioning and structures of our body (using the theoretical information, simple exercises and cooperation with a partner).

Then, we will work with our movement as a means of expression. Any gesture can become an artistic work. The movement of any range can be a dance. We will play with the gestures that we know from everyday life and by using creative tasks we will transform it to our own artistic expression.

Pictures from Memory of the Body, Czech Republic 2014

Writing in Movement

Transforming daily gestures into the dance

Projects of Writing in Movement are result of the artistic work which captures “genius loci” of chosen towns combined with workshops for its inhabitants.

Writing in movement is the method of Patrick Le Doare from French choreographic structure Territories of Writing in Movement (T.E.E.M.).

Photo: Hynek Kalista