MovementTouch z.s.

is a registered nonprofit organisation supporting creative approaches in the arts and use of new technologies; encouraging the creation of new performances, installations and other art events; providing art education for children and adults; and fostering collaborations at interdisciplinary and international level.

Jana Bitterová

is a dance artist – choreographer, performer, improviser and creative movement facilitator. Jana is a founder and chairwoman of MovementTouch.

The newest project


Collectron connected on the 17th July 2021 visitors of the KoresponDance Festival at the castle in Žďár nad Sázavou, CZ and inhabitants of Pata Rat community in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The event initiated the unexpected dance encounters of diverse inhabitants of our planet who are separated by distance and social context.
The Collectron is an artistically imagined device located at the fringes of the world we physically inhabit. It is a circular venue without physical substance that builds on a tradition of the ancient amphitheatres or Shakespeare’s Globe.
Author and technological solution: Ian Biscoe
Co-author: Jana Bitterova
In collaboration with a performer: Eva Urbanová
Coproduction: Institut umění – Divadelní ústav
Romanian partner: Fundatia Altart
Supported by: Create to Connect – Create to Impact European project
Live stream from 17th July 2021:


A unique multimedia performance which connects the events in two different towns into a unified audience experience.

– Bitterová, Biscoe, George De Decker, Šťávová-Ratajová, Zotov-Mikshin –

In the world inhabited by physically present, remote and virtual actors,
who is The Real One?

24 October 2019: Ponec, Prague & K3, Olomouc
31 October 2019: DIOD, Jihlava & Moving Station, Pilsen


A Networked Performance connecting dancers in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) in Barcelona and in the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, opening the annual Digifest event in Birmingham 12/3/2019.

– Jana Bitterová, Ian Biscoe, Anthony Fiumara, Erica Mulkern, Maitane Sarralde Ussia, Bruno Ramri, Laia Mora, Paula Carmona Jimenez, Margherita Bergamo –