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Jana collaborated as a choreographer in The Spaces Within, a Networked Performance for the New World Center in Miami produced by Studio Biscoe and Fellows of the New World Symphony. Presented as a work in progress in April 2018.


Premiere: 26th September 2018
in Moving Station, Pilsen + Uffo theatre, Trutnov (Czech Republic)

A unique multimedia performance which connects the events in two different towns into a unified audience experience. A fusion of contemporary dance, music and the newest technologies creates a unique genre of Networked Performance, presented for the first time between Czech theatres.

Who will be in the world inhabited by physically present, remote and virtual actors The Real One? 

Director: MovementTouch – Jana Bitterová, Ian Biscoe
Choreography: Jana Bitterová in collaboration with performers
Visual art, scenography and technical solutions: Ian Biscoe
Music: George De Decker
Performance: Helena Šťávová Ratajová, Roman Zotov-Mikshin
Supported by: Nadace Život umělce, Město Trutnov, Královéhradecký kraj, Plzeňský kraj, Kinonekino – Město Planá, Moving Station Plzeň, Uffo – společenské centrum Trutnova