Dance & Live Music

Practice No. X (2016)

Jana is a member of Free Three improvisational company with dancer Kuldip Singh-Barmi and cellist Oak Matthias.

Free Three are interested in improvisation as a form of artistic expression.

They regularly perform events called Practice number X, an improvised conversation in movement and sound. Through listening, sensing and responding, an instant composition develops.

Two dancers and musician take a challenge to be directed by present moment.

BBP with Oak Matthias (2016)

Exploring innovative approach for collaboration
between visual & performing art & music
using digital technologies

Jana Bitterova with Studio Biscoe (visual art & technologies) – collectively “BBP”- developed an innovative approach whereby both visual and dance artists become live collaborative performers.

They create performance environment where gestures of the visual artist creates visuals on sides of the performance space, becoming the physical motion of the dance artist, and to which the visual artist can in turn respond.

They invited for collaboration cellist Oak Matthias and created an improvised dialog between dance, visual art and music.

Coexistence (2015)

Collaborative project with singer and composer Ivana Mer.

What does it mean to coexist?
Sound and movement coexist in our artistic expression just as different elements of air, water, earth or fire coexist in nature.

Composing in the present moment we lead diverse components to coexist so that a new and surprising complexity is born.


Free Three: Practice No. 21

BBP with Oak Matthias “Analog Improvisation”

Coexistence – Rehearsal in Bratislava, March 2015

Spontaneous Danced Poetry Improvisation – soiree in Penryn, December 2015